Edit Excel and Vector Charts

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Table of Contents


Edit Excel-based Charts

  1. Click the chart, if it’s excel-based, there will be three icons appear
  2. Click the cross icon to set which chart elements should appear
  3. Click brush icon to change the template style and colors
  4. Click the funnel icon, then click select data to edit chart data
  5. Or simply right-click the chart, then choose edit data

Edit Excel and Vector Charts



Edit Vector Chart

  1. For a shape-based chart, simply right click to the object, then choose edit points. Adjust the heights as you want.
  2. For a circle chart, click the object until two yellow dots appear. Click and drag the dots to change the circle size.
  3. For a chart like this, simply click and drag the points or the shape as you want. See, even vector charts are easy to edit.


Edit Vector Infographic & Graphics

  1. Multi-select objects by hold SHIFT as you click objects, this will make you easier to move or arrange multiple objects
  2. If the infographics/graphics are grouped, right-click and choose ‘ungroup’ to edit them individually
  3. Right-click an object/shape, then choose ‘format shape’ to change the style and colors

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