Frequently Asked Question

What is RRSlide Library?

An integration of thousands of powerpoint assets, including infographics, slide templates, 3D assets and other supporting assets that will make it easier for you to create your presentation faster.

Because this addin is directly integrated with the Microsoft Store so we can access the assets directly in the Powerpoint interface itself without complicated and easy.

To use the RRslide Library Add-in, you just need to follow two easy steps. Start downloading the Add-in and create an account directly on RRSlide Library

Open PowerPoint, then click Get Add-ins, search for the keyword RRSlide, after appearing please install until complete. Then create an account to access all the RRSlide Library items you want.

Notes: Based on Microsoft’s requirements, only PowerPoint with version 15.24 (160614) up to the latest version can be accessed by this RRSlide Library feature.

Please note, if you want to get or buy premium access from RRSLide Library, first you have to complete the payment on the website by creating a new account, after that you will get a license code so you can use premium access in RRSlide Library.

When you have completed the payment via our website, you can immediately copy the license code in your account then re-register again and log in to the RRSlide Library plugin in your PowerPoint, and paste the license code in the account settings to get the premium access that you have paid for.

Sorry, selling our assets is prohibited for any purpose. In addition, having similar form and content, we will consider this a violation of our agreement. Read more

Yes, of course you can use our assets for your project needs as long as the user complies with our usage rules. Read more here

Is it possible to apply for a refund?

What you will get for the product RRSlide Library corresponds to the preview we displayed. So the purchase is Final. There are no refunds and cannot be exchanged for other items.

Usage rules are subject to change at any time. See more RRSlide Terms

Sure. We have Telegram groups for questions from users about how to use assets, technical issues, personal account issues, and more.

You can also contact us here if there are still any unclear questions.

Cannot be purchased by joint venture or crowdfunding. User purchase of RRSlide Library is only valid for 1 device per account. And our products are protected by law. You will be penalized by law if you violate it.

Yes. Your subscription plan will automatically renew unless you cancel this option (No discounts apply for renewals). To cancel the automated renewal of your plan and avoid non-desired future payments, you must cancel your subscription from your user’s profile.

Yes. This time, we do not limit the download for each user each day.