Getting Started

in PowerPoint Tutorial on August 14, 2019

PowerPoint Basic

Show Gridlines and Guides

  1. Click view tab
  2. Tick the box to show gridlines and guides

Zoom in & out

  1. Hold CTRL + scroll up/down
  2. Or you can drag the zoom slider in the right corner

Duplicate Object

  1. Click the object/picture/element, then press CTRL+D

Add Image in Placeholder

  1. Click the placeholder
  2. Choose picture

Resize/Crop Picture

  1. Click the image/shape
  2. Click Format tab
  3. Crop or adjust your image

Download and Install Fonts

Download Fonts

  1. Links to download the fonts are placed in Template folder\Documentation\Font Used
  2. Follow the link and download the fonts

Install Fonts

  1. If your fonts are packed in .zip file, extract it first
  2. Double click the .otf/ttf files
  3. Click install

Install .xml Color Schemes (Windows)

  1. Open .xml color schemes in (template folder/theme files/XML theme colors
  2. Copy all .xml files to C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates\Document Themes\Theme Colors

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